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Biography of Muhammad Folad Anzurgar Muhammad Folad son of Muhammad Ashraf Anzurgar graduated from Istiqlal high school in 2007 also graduated from faculty of fine art Kabul university in 2013 and in 2018 he get his MA (mastery degree) from faculty of fine art Kabul university , Folad learned the passion of art from his father and has been painting for 20 years, he has created over 400 extraordinary paintings that have been displayed at exhibitions in the international office of the united nations in Pakistan , Aina office in Kabul, sound central festival Istiqlal high school in Kabul , many times in US embassy Kabul and ISAF in Kabul, art exhibition in the independence day of Afghanistan in king palace Kabul that president Ashraf Ghani and DR Abdullah like the art and encourage the artists, grope art exhibition with afghan artist and turkey artist in turkey embassy Kabul. Folad participated in numerous art competitions and has placed first on several accusations. His hope is to complete his practical art study and get new art skill in out of Afghanistan and bring new art skill to the Afghanistan to teach and share with other Afghans also to introduce his lovely country Afghanistan to the world through his enthusiasm for art and his love of painting

Mohammad Ashraf Anzurgar

Muhammad Ashraf Anzurgar is one of the most prominent artists from Afghanistan,he was born in 1950s, graduated from high school in 1969 and attended Kabul university in 1974 graduated in 1978, he was professor of art in Kabul university and he taught for 35 years, finally when he got his mastery he retired, he holds a bachelors of art degree in graphic and sculpture from the fine art institute of university of Kabul. He is an artist, sculptor, teacher, and father who continues to pass on his legacy of art and painting to future generations. Over the past four decades, ashraf has become a central figure on the afghan art scene. As a renowned painter of stylistic art expression in classicism and Impressionism, he held a number of exhibition in Kabul, Afghanistan, Islamabad Pakistan and in London England. Anzurgar has been highly praised and awarded for his artistic achievements earning awards from the ministry of education and even the national glory award from the ministry of information and culture. He was member of Afghanistan peace Association(APA). Member, Artists Union of Afghanistan. Member, Disabled Union of Afghanistan. Member, Running painting and drawing courses


Mohammad Folad Anzurgar


Mohammad Almas Anzurgar , son of Mohammad Ashraf Anzurgar, Graduated from Haji Abdul Qader High School . Almas learned his art from his father Ashraf Anzurgar . He specializes Water – painting and has a growing collection of about 200 pieces. Almas had displayed many of his works throughout the country via art expeditions. He speaks Pashto , Dari, English , and Urdo . He is also experienced with calligraphy and air brushing