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 About Sharbat Gull , Afghan Mona Lisa

Sharbat Gull , Afghan Mona Lisa

Sharbat Gull was born in 1972 She immigrated to Naser Bagh camp after parents were killed in Soviet Union’s bombardment. It was that time when Steve McCurry took her picture and published it in national Geography the picture made both Sharbat Gull and McCurry famous Due to the political changes and war in Afghanistan, I was also an immigrant in naser bagh camp Pakistan. When I saw her picture I so much wanted to fine her and paint her picture, but I was not successful.  I thought about the above picture and changed a simple picture to an art work. Her strange eyes talk the story of war and her innocence eyes a lot about her being an orphan. I completed the photo that looked incomplete to me by adding jewelry, color tone and quality to indicate the contrast. I brought quality changes to her face, and I exaggerated on her eyes ‘brightness to change the picture from a photo to a rare art work.